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Flash Sale – Laser Guns Blue Transparent Blasters


Sold By: Team Exodus

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The Official Laser Tag Blasters For Jukibot by DYNASTY TOYS. (Jukibot Sold Separately). Newly Redesigned Size! Compact Blasters Perfect for Smaller Hands – Ages 3 and up!!Compatible With Jukibot And All DYNASTY Blasters (Including Our Original Larger Blasters!!)

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SINGLE LASER TAG BLASTERS by DYNASTY TOYS. Compact Blasters Perfect for Smaller Hands – Ages 3 and up!! Compatible With Jukibot And All DYNASTY TOYS Blasters. As Always, Team Sizes are Limitless! The more blasters you have, the more can play!! The infrared (non-visible) lights emitted from the toys are safe for all ages and in conformance with Code of Federal Regulations 21 cfr 1040.10 The toys have been tested by a third-party laser product safety facility and have been determined to emit less than 1mW (.0496mW) power output. The toys do not exceed Class 1 Laser Product Limits. The toys emit a safe and non-visible infrared light, much like the lights used in a garage door opener or tv remote. No eye-protection needed. This product is 100% safe for all ages.

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