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Best Selling Laser Tag on Amazon FLASH SALE – Family Laser Tag Set 4 Pack w/ Bug


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Bring your family together with this amazing at-home Laser Tag Set by Dynasty Toys – 2019 Special Edition Transparent Blasters. No Vests Needed! Each Blaster can shoot and receive hits. The Blaster is the Target! Plus! When not battling as a family, take time to practice your aim on the robotic moving spider. The target flips over when hit!

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This Dynasty Toys bundle includes:
(4) Special Edition Laser Tag Blasters
(1) Our original Robot BUG Finally an Active, Fun Family Activity
Get the whole family moving with endless ways you can play! The Gun Is The Target!
No need for clunky uncomfortable vests.
Each blaster has built-in infrared sensors that detect a hit. Fun Robot Bug
Dynasty Toys Robotic Spider Bug!
Practice your Aim with our electronic moving Spider Bug Target!
Spider Bugs crawl around your floors and do a Flip when Hit!
2 Seconds Later, the Mechanical Bug Flips right-side up and continues its relentless Crawl! Compatible With Dynasty Toys Jukibot Family Robot

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291 Reviews For This Product

  1. 291

    by Tamie Ostermeier

    They have the best deals! SO AMAZING!!

  2. 291

    by Kat lucas

    Amasing toys

  3. 291

    by Kat lucas

    laser tag great family time

  4. 291

    by Natasha Moore

    I would love to try the toy out great Christmas present

  5. 291

    by Lillie timms

    Moms loves these deals!

  6. 291

    by Kathleen Foster

    @kids steal and deals. You will love this deal

  7. 291

    by Heather heinzl

    Everything is amazing here love this company

  8. 291

    by Gigi shouse

    This Is an amazing product and I highly recommend and will surely buy it again

  9. 291

    by Lee

    They scam alot

  10. 291

    by Laurie Dicksonbackpacket

    Great toy company

  11. 291

    by Sandie Griffin

    Awsome toy.

  12. 291

    by Janita Johnson Beechamp

    I think the prices are great, I just wish the delivery was sooner?

  13. 291

    by Janita Johnson Beechamp

    I think the prices are great, I just wish the delivery was sooner?

  14. 291

    by Meghan Scott

    Dynasty Toys has a fantastic selection of cool interactive toys!! These are toys to get the kids off the electronics an start playing again!! Awesome prices too!! It’s a win win!!

  15. 291

    by Brenda Harris

    Yes I love the prices on Dynastytoys I love winning these toys will make an awesome Christmas gift if I ever receive them I have 8 grandchildren and 5 are boy so yes keep up the good work Dynastytoys doing a wonderful job. Just can’t wait for the ones I won come in get wrapped for the boys even the girls would love to play with them I know I would thank you

  16. 291

    by Letty Medina

    We absolutely love these we just ordered another set and we can’t wait for them to get here!! My kids love the laser tag set and so do their cousins and friends! Totally recommend them, hours and hours of fun not just for the kids but for the whole family!!

  17. 291

    by Denise

    Excellent toys for our boys..great quality for the price..thx you Dynasty..

  18. 291

    by Wanda Lanier

    I love that we can have laser tags as a family.. Can’t wait to use the laser guns!!

  19. 291

    by Ricky barrett

    It’s great, and my kids love it.

  20. 291

    by Julie o

    We love the toys and prices… hate the wait but it is worth it

  21. 291

    by Sonia Waldrup

    Love these toys!!!

  22. 291

    by Rich

    My kids love these blasters. They play one on one or 2 on 2. Great sound effects and great light up features. Your kids will love playing laser tag without having to leave the house!

  23. 291

    by Veronica

    My kids and I love to Break out the Lazer Tag when ever things are drab…They are great for night time Tag, Beach Tag, and Party Tag…My 6 kids can NOT get enough of their products!!!

  24. 291

    by Matt blevins

    You have great toys at great prices love them all dynasty toys has great prices and wonderful toys love dynasty toys!!!!

  25. 291

    by Anntoniette Ruiz

    Cant wait to try all our new Dynasty toys. The boys r so excited. They have great prices. And u can win also

  26. 291

    by Linda

    I haven’t got them yet but i like them and my son will too. They are a Christmas gift for him.

  27. 291

    by Lori Streily

    Love these Laser Tag guns and the prices…Sooo much outdoor fun!

  28. 291

    by Brooke k

    My entire family loves the laser guns and the board games.

  29. 291

    by Mary Bryant

    My grandsons gonna love all these toys from AWESOME DYNASTY TOYS. They have the best deals! Now it’s getting closer to the holidays. Xmas is going to be merrier in my house this year. Thnx Dynasty Toys!

  30. 291

    by Benton

    We have 12 of these laser guns and any family get together we play with them. Adults and kids alike enjoy them

  31. 291

    by Cyndee Neal

    Best laser tag set ever. Can’t wait until Christmas to give to the grands. They will have hours upon hours of fun with this set.

  32. 291

    by Jason Griffin

    Love these laser tag guns. We’ve bought 2 sets and they get a lot of use! Fast shipping and support is always great.

  33. 291

    by Angela

    Dynasty toys had a huge variety of toys my kids love it

  34. 291

    by Jim Campbell

    This the bwst prices you can get an top notch shoppingfor toys on line

  35. 291

    by Angelique

    Pretty good laser tag set. I got these for my boyfriend’s nephew so he could play with his friends. So far, so good.

  36. 291

    by Ashley

    Love this company and the prices

  37. 291

    by Lyndia Loring

    This site has the most awesome toys. My great grandsons love it.

  38. 291

    by Sarah

    So, I got the first set of this laser guns a year ago, first of all, I found the guns through Facebook, so after that I made the purchase, they came fast, the box/
    It’s so pretty my kid thinks he is the best carrying his guns in style he said. He plays every day with me and his dad and they’re still like knew. Customer service is fast and kind. We have the capture the flag too and it was a hit with all the kids.

  39. 291

    by EMILY


  40. 291

    by Kristina

    Their laser tags are so fun for the whole family! They also have such amazing deals!

  41. 291

    by Toye

    Unbeatable fun pricing is excellent hours of fun and product looked and worked as said .

  42. 291

    by Lois White-Cross

    Laser Tag is on of the best ways to get your family and friends active! These are the best bang for your buck! You gotta get a set and have lots of fun!

  43. 291

    by Dan

    Awesome toys!

  44. 291

    by Kim

    My brother loves the lazers, couldnt ask for a better price,and its good quality.100% satasfied!!

  45. 291

    by Brandy

    Theese are great toys

  46. 291

    by Brent Burkholder Jr

    I love these laser tag guns. I have honestly bought them and use them to play with my family. It’s nice having everything built into the gun. 3 different gun settings and the target. So no need for vests!!!!! I also got the little robot bug, which my young niece loves to try and shoot. I really encourage everyone to take advantage of their awesome deals and get your kids off of Fortnite and have them go play this with you OUTSIDE!!!!!

  47. 291

    by Rose Peterson

    This product is so much fun. The kids and grownups enjoy it equally!!!

  48. 291

    by Priscilla Mackey

    Amazing totys at amazing prices. We just love shopping with Dynasty Toys!!!

  49. 291

    by Kellie Costa

    These are the best laser tags games ever! Since dynasty has gotten these toys it has brought our family so much closer! We have been spending more time playing games than watching TV in every room!!

  50. 291

    by Tracey Berry (Simi Charonte)

    Best laser tag and best prices

  51. 291

    by Amanda Miller

    Absolutely love their toys and the amazing deals

  52. 291

    by Joann Shute

    I bought the laser tag for my grandson, he loved it so much that officially this year they will all be getting their own. Dynasty toys I just want to say thank you for the amazing products you make and sell, the prices are amazing too.

  53. 291

    by Stephanie Shanholtz

    Nice blasters and bug, love the colors.
    Grandkids love these. I recommend these toys as well as this company.

  54. 291

    by Christin Silvia

    Best laser tag blaster. Prices are amazing and great for Christmas.

  55. 291

    by Michelle Ault

    This is a fun game for the whole family.. I mean who doesn’t love laser tag?!?!? We love laser tag!!!

  56. 291

    by Darlene

    I love Dynasty Toys products, prices, and the opportunity to win stuff. Absolutely amazing prices, toys, and opportunities to win toys for free. I will be giving my grandchildren the at-home complete set of Laser tag for Christmas along with several other toys from your company.

  57. 291

    by Elizabeth

    We got our son the 4 pack for Christmas 2 years ago. Awesome present, so many hours of fun with family. Easy enough for our youngest to use(he is 3) and fun enough for even us old folks to have a blast. Thank you for suck a well built fun toy.

  58. 291

    by Jennifer montoya

    I love these toys my sone got it for his 6th birthday and he still plays with them and they still work wonderfully. He less then a month he will be 7. Also when he has friends over they l ok very playing with it too

  59. 291

    by Patty

    My grandkids and I love Dynasty Toys!
    Laser Tag is our favorite!
    You really can’t go wrong with this set because it’s tons of fun for the whole family.
    The price is amazing too!

  60. 291

    by Brittany

    Dynasty toys are AWESOME!!! great fun great prices!!!

  61. 291

    by Doreen Burgess

    My grandsons love to play with there Lazer guns

  62. 291

    by Catherine Worst

    We absolutely love these laser tag products. We have expanded our set so our kids can play with friends who visit. Its awesome that we can have as many as we want. With their awesome sales it wasn’t hard on the budget either! We have even bought them for birthday gifts.
    We’ve never had an issue with their customer service either.
    As far as durability, we have only one blaster that one of the lights doesn’t work. Which is really great as we have 3 toddlers who play with them too. So honestly that blaster was probably used a bit rough.
    We couldn’t be happier with these. And it’s a great family toy too!

  63. 291

    by Paula Miller

    We love the laser tag toys and the the prices are so low.

  64. 291

    by Tammy

    My son loved these well worth the purchase.

  65. 291

    by Brittany

    My two children love these.. the robot bug is amazing and thd blasters are fun and easy…

  66. 291

    by Ruthie Lynn

    My daughter has received a few of their toys and will be getting the laser tag set for Christmas at the price can’t beat that elsewhere wants close to $80-90 a set Thanks Dynasty Toys.

  67. 291

    by Peggy Graham

    AWESOME toys,AWESOME price!!!

  68. 291

    by Sheila Kindred Gordon

    They have some of the best toys, and have some amazing prices. My grandson is gonna love these toys.

  69. 291

    by Kimberly

    I will redo this in the future but so far the deals are amazing and the toys look great and so much fun can’t wait to try them all out with my kiddos for Christmas.

  70. 291

    by Jonathan

    Great fun for all the family. Don’t jump when the robot comes back to life ?Over the years we’ve had this it’s still as much fun. Then bought a second for family members.

  71. 291

    by Krystal

    My whole family love these guns. Right now we have 7 guns and will definitely be getting more. We take them to every family event and the kids have a blast

  72. 291

    by Anna

    Awesome. Love all the products we gave and am looking forward to receiving all the givr away prizes. This will make my daughters Christmas super special

  73. 291

    by Sabrina

    I love these guns, my kids love these guns! They are made better by the fact no vest is needed—-and the spider is awesome too! I highly recommend these to all our friends. We are slowly stocking up to make sure we have plenty extras to play with neighborhood kids (and the grown ups too!)

  74. 291

    by Kim wilson

    These are the most awesome laser guns and we love everything from dynasty toys. They are great quality and value

  75. 291

    by Khia

    My son loves playing taser tag with these. My brother liked them so much, he bought some for him and his kids!! It was a great Christmas present that didn’t break the bank!

  76. 291

    by Nicholas Massey

    Great toy’s fun for everyone and low price made it very affordable. Joy for everyone.

  77. 291

    by Melissa Murphy

    They have amazing deals and amazing prices

  78. 291

    by Amber K.

    So many amazing toys for both my girls!! These deals are amazing!!

  79. 291

    by Nathan Miller

    Dynasty Toys is the greatest for kids of all ages Best thing ever

  80. 291

    by Tom Tyree

    I love these Laser Tag guns, the whole family gets together and has tons of fun. I highly recommend them.

  81. 291

    by Sarrah

    We have 2 guns and my kids love them! Would recommend for affordable laser toys

  82. 291

    by john bluhm

    These things are awesome! You could quadruple the price and they would still be worth it. Great experience all around with this set so far.

  83. 291

    by Christi D

    Great toy! My kids love them, easy to use. Parents love the price and friendly use.

  84. 291

    by Melissa Murphy

    Best deals around on toys
    They are awesome

  85. 291

    by Linda Underwood

    My family absolutely loves Dynasty Toys. They promote hands on learning, and hours of fun, and excitement!! My neighborhood, love a laser time competition, every Saturday. (when weather is permitting). Even the adults get involved. My children ask for toys from Dynasty Toys, every Christmas. I have discovered, there toys are very durable, great value, and a variety of age level. No other company runs the deals, like Dynasty Toys. Where else could you shop online, to find better priced items? You can’t. We have bought several toys from Dynasty Toys. They also have great customer service. We had an item that was broke during shipment, and they replaced it. No questions asked, or run around. I highly recommend, this company’s toys we will be a customer, for life!! So what are you waiting for? Look up Dynasty Toys, and you’ll see why we love Dynasty Toys!! I give them a five star review!! Thank’s Dynasty Toys, your company rocks.?

  86. 291

    by Amy Fife

    I love this laser tag game!! We purchased it for our youth group and it is a blast!! Quality equipment and easy to use.
    The students just loved it!! It’s great for people of almost any age.
    Definitely a must have for group activities, family or otherwise.

  87. 291

    by Connie

    My little girl loves everything that I have ordered from you all.Best deals no dought.

  88. 291

    by Nevada Pritchett

    Absolutely love these toys, and love the prices even more.

  89. 291

    by Zelda Repsher

    I love to see products like this also for kids to play with their parents

  90. 291

    by Sueann Chapman

    I just discovered Dynasty toys I few months ago I love them they have unbelievable prices great toys great website to buy all my Christmas gifts .i love I love love the laser tag. And robot it look so fun can’t wait for Christmas

  91. 291

    by Jennifer Gulley

    The laser guns look awesome! Great family game time! We love laser tag!

  92. 291

    by Sandra bailey

    I love Dynasty toys my grandkids love the products and toys they are top quality and they people are so friendly and helpful if you can please check them out . I know you will love them to

  93. 291

    by Matthew Estes

    My family and I absolutely love dynasty toys laser guns and always have fun at sleep overs. Highly recommended for any one from old to young

  94. 291

    by Alicia Meade

    I love Dynasty Toys! It’s perfect gifts and unbelievable prices on anything and everything my grandsons could want! They love the laser guns I just recently gave them for bday presents! Cant wait to get the Jukibot for them and me,lol!!

  95. 291

    by Rachael Rorrer

    Dynasty Toys is the BEST their laser tag sets are awesome and great my kids love all there sets and can’t wait to get more of there products they already asking for there tag sets and more guns for Christmas cause they want to get all there friends in a big game with all the family too. So I highly recommend there toys to everyone of. All ages

  96. 291

    by Burgundy

    These are so much fun for all ages! I love Dynasty Toys products!

  97. 291

    by Rachel Affuso

    My children love all of these products! Amazing prices and my children love them$

  98. 291

    by Brittany

    Amazing products!! My kids can’t get enough of these laser tag items!!

  99. 291

    by Lisa Wilson

    I bought this for my granddaughter and everyone has loved it! I have already ordered one for my nephew for Christmas this year! Charges super quick.

  100. 291

    by Shanna Terry

    We have ordered from Dynasty Toys through amazon before and they are great quality and fun toys! We’ve won a lot through them as well which has been amazing!

  101. 291

    by Diana Turrieta

    They have the best prizes. And affordable also. I want to get one of therefor my nephew. He would love it

  102. 291

    by Karen Mcbride

    Got these for for the boys they have so much fun with them I tell everyone I know that if you have kids you need to buy a set that they will love th

  103. 291

    by Ronni Reed

    This is a great product. It is fun for all ages. I would recommend this for people looking for something to do together.

  104. 291

    by Patricia

    Good quality and fun

  105. 291

    by Dorothy Schuhmacher

    I absolutely love the laser tag guns my grandchildren love playing with them it’s always a fun time

  106. 291

    by Tina Logan

    This is a great company. They have really good prices and and games for a family to do together.

  107. 291

    by Shellie Minix

    Dynasty toys has the best price on their products I haven’t had a chance to try the laser tags yet but they look like the would be a great way for kids to have fun

  108. 291

    by DeMarcus

    I have the four lazer guns with the spider. All of the pieces work excellent and is very responsive. A great tool for group activity or just to pass time. Extremely happy with the quality and price. My kids love it.

  109. 291

    by Samantha Henderson

    The toys are awesome and so are the prices. Now am waiting on all that I’ve won

  110. 291

    by kasey Kollman

    Great price. Great game. Kids love it

  111. 291

    by Heather whisenhant

    My kids love all the dynasty toys!

  112. 291

    by Maxton Vallen

    2 pt. Review, -Max Vallen
    Pt.1. I think Dynasty Toys not only has top notch amazing products, but their promotion and the people working with them are top level quality as well �
    Pt.2. The best part about Dynasty Toys, is how the products Bring families and friends together in a enjoyable an exciting way! 10 out of 10 and five stars from me! #MaxedOut

  113. 291

    by Loretta Whitson

    They have the best Laser Tag set , with amazing low prices, great to give as a birthday gift or a Christmas Stocking Stuffer your child or grandchildren will absolutely love them…

  114. 291

    by Chris Malone

    Great toys an prices

  115. 291

    by Tonya Chambers

    I give Dynasty Toys and their Laser tag toys an exceptial review so much fun so many different toys and ways to play. The prices are so affordable and the merchandise is high quality and made for play

  116. 291

    by Brenda Barron

    It is awesome and a wonderful Christmas gift

  117. 291

    by kasey Kollman

    Great game. Great price. Kids love it.

  118. 291

    by Michelle vignalo

    awesome prices im sure the grandkids will love them…

  119. 291

    by Leanna hyfield

    We love laser tag and we can’t wait to get ours in for Christmas

  120. 291

    by Matthew Baker

    The Entire Family Loves the Fun of Laser tag Games and the Prices are Amazing We Love the Products

  121. 291

    by Carol l Marshall Marshall

    These are realy great laser tag guns and you cant beat this price its awsome

  122. 291

    by Windy Gee

    From the Lazer tag to the robots everything is awesome my family from my dad to my grand daughter loves everything and the awesome low prices.

  123. 291

    by #moomoo Fame

    We love dynasty toys!

  124. 291

    by Tia Sullivan

    I bought this laser tag set for my son birthday! He loves it and I love that it gets him and his siblings out of the house we have truly enjoyed playing as a family very good quality and for boys as tough on toys as mine I couldn’t be happier

  125. 291

    by Brenda McGuire

    Great fun for the whole family

  126. 291

    by Natalie

    Love the prices

  127. 291

    by Scottie Wilson

    These are great toys for great price. Kids love these toys

  128. 291

    by Patty Tyson

    The Dynasty Toy bundle is amazing!! You can’t beat the price either!!

  129. 291

    by Irene Reyes

    This is a great game to play as a family. Its lots of fun and the kids eyes light up with joy and their laughter makes your heart melt. Not to mention that this is a great price for Christmas.

  130. 291

    by Lisa Nalle

    These dynasty toys are fun and my kids absolutely love them. The deals are amazing!

  131. 291

    by D

    Best laser guns ever! Kids and adults love them they last are the most accurate we have found and not crazy bulky stuff to put on either! Perfect gift for any age and any gender!

  132. 291

    by Marci

    The laser tag guns are really fun for the kids especially camping and outdoor adventures.. you can’t beat the price

  133. 291

    by Tina

    This is an amazing price for family fun.

  134. 291

    by Angie Raines

    Dynasty Toys is a company that is Bringing families back together.? I Double Dog Dare you not to laugh while playing with these toys! Their amazingly affordable prices are a Mom, Dad, And Nana’s dream. Did you know they have an informative app??? What could be easier? Don’t let another Christmas, Birthday, or other special occasion sneak up on you unprepared! Don’t Waste another moment, Get the app, Visit the Dynasty Toys Face Book. Where you can actually find real live representatives to answer any question you may have. Kind and helpful. So hard to find these days. So what are you waiting for? Bring your family together for tons of fun with a company that cares! I predict dynasty Toys to be one of the fastest growing Toy company’s to hit the internet. Please spread the word…. Dynasty Toys equals Love, Laughter,and togetherness and Who could’nt possibly need more of that! ….. Thank you Dynasty Toys!Wishing you Tons of success and the Joy you give to come right back to you!❤️??
    Your friend and committed Customer, Angie Raines

  135. 291

    by Jackie

    I absolutely love the products from Dynasty Toys. My children are going to be so happy with their Christmas this year. The prices are really good.

  136. 291

    by Sharon Moore

    I got the laser guns for the grandkids and turned them loose at the lake. They had a blast.

  137. 291

    by April

    Great deals on fun toys!

  138. 291

    by Connie Anderson

    These toys are amazing and so are the prices!!

  139. 291

    by lisa stansel

    I give Laser Tag 5 stars we love laser tag . My grandchildren love to play laser tag we love Dynasty toys

  140. 291

    by Nona Johnson

    I Absolutely Love Dynasty Toys! Their Price’s Can’t Be Beat And The Toys Are Simply awesome! Thank You DYNASTY TOYS. ☺?

  141. 291

    by Heather

    We got a 3 family sets last summer. The whole family has enjoyed playing with them. We used them during my son’s birthday party and the kids had a blast. The neighbors kids enjoyed playing with them so much, they got their own set. We have used them both indoors and outdoors. They work great both indoors and outdoors.

  142. 291

    by Brenda Hammonds

    I love this website & all the great bargins!! High quality products and selections!!

  143. 291

    by Anita Bow

    This is a great deal.

  144. 291

    by Anita Bow

    Amazing toy. Keeps the kids busy.

  145. 291

    by Michael

    Great laser tag set and a steal at this price! My kids and I have had a ton of fun with this set with just the taggers alone. The bug is a awesome bonus 🙂

  146. 291

    by Nicole

    Awesome prices and the quality of the items is fantastic for the price! Love dynasty toys!!

  147. 291

    by Sueann

    I love dynasty toys they have amazing deal.

  148. 291

    by Karmen

    I can’t wait to get our first laser along with the extra stuff I ordered my grand daughter plus the other pros I have won. We are so excited about these products. My grand daughter loves laser tag. Now we can go in the park and play. I am a new member. But very good deals and will order more. Can’t wait to get the spider

  149. 291

    by Karmen

    Super excited. My grand baby loves laser tagging. And the best deals. Good Christmas shopping

  150. 291

    by Karmen

    Good Christmas shopping

  151. 291

    by Pam Chapman

    These are GREAT gifts and GRRAT family time toys. Our family ❤️ love them .

  152. 291

    by Joan Moore

    Theses are really so much fun for the whole family! And you can’t beat the prices at Dynasty Toys!

  153. 291

    by Mickeala

    These toys are awesome! I won some of their laser guns and a few other things a while back. They are awesome and this is a great deal! I plan on buying more for Christmas gifts!

  154. 291

    by Bridget

    Love these guns easy to use and so much fun

  155. 291

    by Sue hartzell

    I just love these lasers thanks for giving us a chance

  156. 291

    by Christie Robbins

    I love this great prices. My family loves dynasty toys.

  157. 291

    by Chelsea hinnard

    This is a amazing product fun for all ages!! I highly recommend this toy for any one thats just loves to have fun!! Great for family time, and makes a awesome gift

  158. 291

    by Amelia Frazier

    Great price. Kids would love to have these.

  159. 291

    by Joan Moore

    This is so c much fun for the whole family! The grandchildren have a lot of fun! And everyone starts playing! And the prices are great; at Dynasty Toys!

  160. 291

    by Amelia Frazier

    Perfect gift for my grandchildren. They are very competitive.

  161. 291

    by Jason

    They have amazing deals. My kids love all of their products. Every time I go on their app I always find myself buying something. Highly recommended!!!

  162. 291

    by Merlinda

    This is an awesome deal

  163. 291

    by Karen Evans

    I absolutely love this! Dynasty toys is amazing! You can buy a little at a time for Christmas and they ship it to you all at once the end of November, so you get everyt;ing in time for Christmas without having to figure out where to put it all! Easy!

  164. 291

    by Daniel Thomas

    These guns are great. I had to order more so that my kids could play with more people

  165. 291

    by Helen

    Amazing ? products and super prices

  166. 291

    by Amanda

    Awesome fun. Really was surprised by how much fun laser tag is.

  167. 291

    by Linda Underwood

    Dynasty Toys are full of excitement, and entertainment!! My family loves the Laser Tag guns. My neighborhood loves to play against the adults. Normally the children win. Lol!! Great quality time with your kids, and neighbors I would highly recommend this company’s toys. They are durable, and made of good quality. So get everyone outdoorz, and start having fun with Dynasty Toys.

  168. 291

    by Chazarae

    These are amazing toys! My son, husband & friends love these. Capture the flag is a a great game as well. Deals are amazing!

  169. 291

    by Maggie

    I have never tried your product, but it looks like it is a very good deal. My grandsons will love playing this with each other and friends and against their parents.

  170. 291

    by Elizabeth Bustamante

    These toys are great , I have four grandsons that are going to be so happy with the toys they are getting for Christmas and birthdays they are in December so I have double whammy thank you for the quality toys and the great value.

  171. 291

    by Joyce Keysor

    My boys And husband have a ball with this set I don’t know who likes it better

  172. 291

    by Michelle

    Haven’t received product yet but absolutely love Dynasty Toys

  173. 291

    by Chris

    Amazing toys and amazing deals. There group areas are awesome because you can take part in games and giveaways. And the best part is getting everything just right in time before Christmas!

  174. 291

    by Shirley Powell

    I love Dynasty Laser Tags almost as much as the kids!

  175. 291

    by Cindy Harden

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    They have awesome prices, fast and friendly staff!

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    My kids LOVE THESE! My older son loves the laser tag part of it with his friends, and my younger daughter loves shooting the bug. When one gift can make everyone happy I will mark that a huge WIN for mom! We have yet to have them break too which is awesome! They do take a lot of batteries; however, they last a long time.

    I highly recommend these!

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    What a great set of capture the flag these guns are so.well made and so much fun. We played for hours. Thank you Dynasty for.endless fun with all your roys

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    These guns are so much fun! Initially bought a set of two for my grandson for Christmas and soon realized two was definitely not enough. Everyone wanted to be in on the fun. So my daughter bought another two and I picked up a four pack and a bug for my grandaughter. Family get togethers now require that everyone bring their laser tag sets. Everyone loves them from age 6 to 66. Thank you Dynasty Toys for such an awesomely priced well made product!

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    These laser tag sets are so fun! Bought my grandson a set of 2 for Christmas and quickly realized 2 was not enough. Everyone wanted to play. So my daughter bought another 2 and I bought my grandaughter a set of 4 and a bug. Family get togethers now require everyone bring their sets and it is so much fun to play as a family. Everyone ages 6 to 66 loves it! Thank you Dyeasty Toys for incredible prices on quality products.

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  267. 291

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    Hours of fun! My wife purchased this set for my 5 year old daughter and I last fathers day and we play with it all the time. When I’m tired of running around my daughter spends a good amount of time chasing the bug around the house on her own. It works best on hard surfaces but she puts it on the carpet too. Easier for her to shoot when it’s not cruising across the hardwoods! Extremely happy with this gift!

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    Make sure you look them up on Facebook and join their page they have Great giveaways all the time!!!
    Thanks y’all!!
    Keep it ?

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    These are honestly the Best lazer tag guns I have ever played with. It brings out your inner child. My little household has a great time running around hiding and ping pinging. My whole family has some of these and at parties we pack up all our different kinds and the kids have one big game! They are able to because all sets are able to play with the others. The more we buy the more kids get to come play. It’s always fun & fun to watch kids play! I recomend these to absolutely everyone. They are great for all households, big kids little kids even No kid homes! The little bugs spice up the game as well! Prepare for Fun!

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